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Tom Duggan Writes the Wrongs

Tom Duggan Writes the Wrongs

October 23, 2018

Join Debby Monk and Mandra Biscornet as they welcome Author and reporter Tom Duggan to the show this week.

Whether you are writing fiction, Non-Fiction, a memoir, or are just into creative writing this is the podcast for you. This podcast is more than just about how to write as we cover the why’s, when’s, and where’s of writing

Debby and Mandra talk to Tom about writing, editing and his book Heroes in Our Midst: From the Pages of The Valley Patriot. Some of the topics covered include:

  • How does Tom go about editing his writing?
  • How does one become a guest columnist for The Valley Patriot?
  • Tom discusses his approach to flirting
  • How did Tom get his start in writing?
  • What would Tom like to write about?
  • How did Tom get his book published?
  • What was Tom’s marketing strategy?

May you be inspired, feel empowered, and B. Well. 

All this and more on this week’s episode of The Writer’s Block Podcast recorded at the Studio 21 Podcast Café and hosted on the United Podcast Network.

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