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Winning the Battle of Resistance

September 11, 2018

Winning the Battle of Resistance.

Are you a writer who doesn’t write?  A painter who doesn’t paint?  An entrepreneur who never starts a venture?  Then this show is for you.  Armor up as we charge into battle.

*  We explore Steven Pressfield's, The War of Art.

*  Learn ways to break through your blocks and defeat the negative energy field called Resistance.

  1. Deb:“The War of Art”
  2. Shelly:Struggle with personal resistance
  3. Mandra:Working through Resistance…
  • -that which we resist, persists.  Look at what you are giving energy to.  Fighting against something, rather than moving in the direction of the energy...Mother Theresa, don’t invite to Anti- War rally, but a demonstration for peace.
  • -Recognize, name the resistance.  Identify it.  Examine it without judgement, why is it showing up here?  Is there something important here that I’m missing?
  • -Does it serve me?  Is it standing in the way of my larger goal?
  • -Recognize that you are the director of your life, and is there one small step you can take to move through the resistance?

Examples:  Cancer Chapter, going to yoga at night, 

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May you be inspired, feel empowered, and B. Well. 

All this and more on this week’s episode of The Writer’s Block Podcast recorded at the Studio 21 Podcast Café and hosted on the United Podcast Network.

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